Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners can start using a new One UI for Android 9 beta version

The New Year comes with exciting news for Galaxy Note 9 users. The first days of 2019 brought them the 4th One UI beta. This version is official and it is available for public use, even though there are some people who are still using the 3rd beta.

In case you are wondering what the news within the new One UI beta are, you should know that the update comes to fix all the keyboard and touchscreen bugs noticed in the previous version. These facts might be an indicator showing that the official Android 9 Pie is still far, but it will eventually come.

Galaxy Note 9 users will be able to roll on a special program this year – the Samsung Experience Beta

It looks like this year will be an experiential period for Samsung Galaxy Not 9 users. They will have the possibility to roll on a program called Samsung Experience Beta. Through it, manufacturers want to create a more stable and totally improved base for Android 9 Pie.

Also, they are planning to use a new UI for Galaxy Note 9. With all the improvements, some people are still disappointed. The beta recently launched doesn’t have new features, so it cannot draw their attention in this area.

However, it brings some changes. One of the most important mentions is that the new beta comes with fixed bugs. Thanks to this process, most of the issues identified in beta 3 are no longer a problem (among others, the update fixed the touchscreen and keyboard issues.

Last, but not least, the update includes Google’s January 1st 2019 security patch. This means that a greater importance is given to the users’ online safety and personal data protection.

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