Vuzix Is Now Selling the Blade AR Smart Glasses for $999

Usually, many companies come to CES and show products we all get hyped about and the at the next year’s show they disappear, or they never get developed or shipped. However, the New York-based company that produces smart glasses and augmented reality tech is now taking orders for their Blade AR glasses that they presented at CES 2018.

Whoever wants to own such a pair of glasses will have to pay $999. The glasses float a small display in the right lens, using the same technique that was used in the Magic Leap One headset – which is waveguide technology renamed by Vuzix as the “Cobra Display Engine.”

Higher Resolution Compared to Google Glass

The Blade is somewhat similar to a smartwatch that will work as an accessory to your smartphone, projecting a semi-transparent and small rectangular screen some notifications from your phone. Basically, it’s what Google Glass did, but at a higher resolution and a bigger field of view, with a full-color display.

There are some demos published by the company showing that it can run 3D simulation apps similar to those that run on HoloLens or Magic Leap One.

In the past 12 months, Vuzix has shipped developer units and that it now has a customer version which is ready for sale. Even though the glasses are expensive, the company explains that they are worth the price, considering the device also supports Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Focused on Productivity and Efficiency

Vuzix also stated that they are working with streaming video providers to have on-demand videos projected to the glasses, but the Blade will not be a device built to watch long-term TV or movies.

Their idea is that the glasses will be like a smartwatch that will help you check some things on your phone without pulling it out and spending too much time on other apps or social media.

We hope to see them again at CES 2019 with more information or versions of the Blade.

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