Google’s Fuchsia Operating System to run Android apps

We’ve all heard of Google’s Fuchsia operating system, that’s to run Android apps, if it will ever meet the light of the day.

On 9to5Google, a new update about the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) has come, and it talks about Fuchsia, that will make the most out of a special version of the ART – Android Runtime, in order to run Android apps.

Why is the feature good?

This feature will allow devices that have Fuchsia (literally everything from smart speakers to PCs) to get a lot of Android apps from the Google Play Store and make the most out of them. In a note regarding this matter, Google says that this target is used to actually built ART for Fuchsia. And they also differ from the usual Android devices, because they do not have the focus on a specific hardware. They are most likely to produce a fuchsia package.

This actually means that the special version of ART will be installed on a device with Fuchsia by using a .far file. We’ve had many blanks regarding Fuchsia repositories in AOSP, including details about Fuchsia SDK for creating Fuchsia apps, and even for a Fuchsia “device”.

Even if Google might want to replace Android and Chrome OS with Fuchsia in about five years, but the company told some sources that there’s not time for this yet, since they have many experimental open-source projects going on at the moment.

It’s true, Fuchsia is still a work in progress, however, it’s interesting enough that engineers at the National Security Agency want to know more.

The analysts from NSA targeted Fushcia and its micro-kernel, called Zirkon. The operating system has some flaws, but it was good enough to boot a system, load userspace processes and talk to hardware.


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