Facebook Alpha: What You Need to Know About the New Update

Right now, it’s very easy to keep in touch with your friends or family online. It’s even faster. You can share or upload photos, talk to your friends and comment on pages, and you can stay connected with everyone you want, that’s important to you.

What are the features?

Connect with loved ones and meet new persons on your web-based social networking system

Set announcements and use a Facebook emoticon to help hand-off what’s happening in the world

Share photographs, recordings, and your most loved recollections.

Get notifications when companions like and comment on your posts

Find nearby get-togethers, and make arrangements to get together with your friends

Play games with any of your Facebook companions

Backup photographs by saving them in albums

Follow your most loved artists, sites, and even companies to get their most recent news

Look up neighborhood businesses to see audits, operation hours, and pictures

Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace

Watch live videos

The app does more than just help you stay connected with your friends and with your passions. If you use Facebook, be sure that you also use a personal organizer for storing, sharing and saving photos. It’s quite easy to share all the photos that you want directly from the Android camera, so know that you’re in full control over your photos and your privacy. It’s all in your hands – you choose who sees your photos, and you can even have a secret photo album which you can control and set up who’s allowed to see it.

You’ll also be aware of everything that happens in the world, with the latest news and the current events that happen around the globe. You can subscribe to your favorite stars, brands, artists and even sports teams and you can follow their newsfeed. Watch live streaming videos and catch up with everything that happens in this world.




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