Nvidia G-Sync To Support FreeSync Gaming Monitors Thanks To An Upcoming Driver Update

Nvidia G-Sync has been the best thing for gaming monitors for several years, as it is a technology that employs specialized hardware to equalize the monitor’s framerate with that of the graphics card. On the other hand, AMD FreeSync does the same thing at much lower prices, so Nvidia is losing ground. However, that would end soon, as Nvidia G-Sync would support FreeSync gaming monitors thanks to an upcoming driver update.

“We tested about 400 adaptive sync monitors, and 12 of them passed. We’re going to test every async monitor the world has made, and for the ones that pass, we’re going to certify them, and we’re going to optimize the software to support them,” explained Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, during the press conference in the preview of the CES 2019.

“We’re going to turn it on in our software so that whatever Geforce customer enjoys that panel can now enjoy it as if they purchased a G-Sync monitor,” he added.

Nvidia G-Sync To Support FreeSync Gaming Monitors Thanks To An Upcoming Driver Update

On January 15th, when the new Nvidia G-Sync driver update would roll out, the support for FreeSync monitors would become available. Also, according to Nvidia, the new feature won’t be limited to FreeSync gaming monitors, as those monitors would have that option turned on by default.

“For gamers who have monitors that we have not yet tested, or that have failed validation, we’ll give you an option to enable Nvidia G-Sync, manually, too” Nvidia stated in a press release.

In short, Nvidia G-Sync, which is currently losing market share to AMD FreeSync because it’s a more expensive technology, rethought its approach and is going to support FreeSync gaming monitors thanks to an upcoming driver update which would be available beginning with January 15th. Therefore, a user of a gaming monitor with FreeSync would soon be able to use Nvidia G-Sync, too.

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