Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 vs. Galaxy Book 12 – Quick Comparison Based on Specs

The competition between Microsoft and Apple will get even stronger as Samsung looks to join the professional tablet scene. The Surface Pro and iPad Pro are great devices but the convertible tablet proposed by Samsung is very ambitious.

The device comes in two different sizes and both will be compared in this review.

The screen

The bigger version sports a beautiful Super AMOLED display with a native resolution of 2160 x 1140 pixels. The screen quality is lovely, with strong colors and sharp details. The smaller version uses a 10.6- inch Full HD TFT LCD panel. It’s colors are a bit weaker but those that sit in the sun will enjoy a better visibility.

Spec sheet

When it comes to raw power the 12-inch version is clearly superior. The device is powered by a 7th generation Intel i5 chip that delivers 2.5 GHz. The number rises to 3.1 during Turbo Boost. Future owners can pic between either 4 or 8GB RAM and the devices comes with 128GB of internal memory space. Those that need more space will be able to use a MicroSD card with a maximum size of 256GB.

As expected, the specs offered by the 10.6-Inch device are more modest.  The list is headlined by a 7th generation Intel Core m3 processor that delivers 1.6GHz and is able to reach 2.6GHz during Turbo Boost. The device is also fitted with 4GB RAM and 64GB. The same MicroSD capacity is available.


Both devices feature a 5MP camera for decent video calls and selfies. The 12-inch model is also equipped with a 13MP camera that takes reasonable pictures for tablet photographers.


Both devices offer LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS and Bluetooth. Those that don’t plan to use a SIM card have the option to purchase a Wi-Fi only model.

Battery life

It is quite reasonable on both devices. The Galaxy Book 12 can last up to 10 hours and the 10.6-inch version is able survive up to 8 according to average usage tests.

Price matters

The 4GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 can be bought for $999. Those that would like 8GB of RAM instead  of 4GB RAM will have to pay an additional $197.99. The price tag includes a backlit portable keyboard and a stylus.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 is available for $529. At this price range only the charger is included but the tablet is small and easy to handle.

Final Verdict:

They are a strong alternative for those that want to do daily tasks comfortably. Far from being an iPad or Surface killer the Galaxy Book line delivers good performance for a decent price.

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