God Of War Art Director Remastered Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters

God of War is one of the most successful titles of the last year, 2018. It rolled out in early-2018, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, and it managed to win Best Art Direction at the Game Awards and Best Visual Design at the Golden Joystick Awards. Now, God of War art director remastered Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters, and that pleased the Nintendo Switch game’s fans who were thrilled by the art director’s creation.

Raf Grassetti, God of War art director, “has been redrawing – or more accurately, sculpting – Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters over on his personal Instagram as part of a new art series appropriately titled Super Smash Bros. Remastered,” according to GamesRadar.

Grassetti, at the moment of this article, remastered only five Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters, namely, Samus Aran, Breath of the Wild Link, Fox McCloud, Bowser, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

God Of War Art Director Remastered Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters

“Art Director at Sony’s God of War. Sharing my process here. I’ve made lots of characters for games, toys, and comics including an angry god and his son,” said Raf Grassetti on Instagram.

“Thanks for all the support guys! One of my favorites added to the series! Hope you like it!
As usual, swipe all the way to the end for a tease of the next character,” added Grassetti on Instagram, referring to his Sony the Hedgehog remaster for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The community was pleased by Grassetti’s remastered Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters, and Boss Logic, a renowned Twitter user, stated the following: “My boy @rafagrassetti just posted up his awesome rendition of Sonic for his smash series; we decided to make a movie poster version. I took it way back to the Sega master system days; you guys remember those covers?”

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