GTA 5 Cheats: All the Cheats You Need for Invincibility and Health and Armor

It’s funnier to play a game when you have cheats, especially if we’re talking about GTA 5. We come with cheats for PS3, PS4, Xbox 306, Xbox One and PC.

We know that the game was released in September 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and we also know that the team behind the game is Rockstar Games. It’s safe to say that it’s the most popular game ever made, and it was released for Xbox One and PS4 just a year after the initial release, in November 2014. For PC, it met the light of the day in April 2015. It continued to be the best when it came to the sales charts, and in November 2018 it was official: the game is the best selling product in history.

According to some sources, GTA 5 had sold about 90 million copies, and then it generated about $6 billion in revenue ever since it was first released. The game is still very fun to play and everyone is still looking forward to playing it. And many people are looking for new ways to enjoy the game. Some people go for cheats, which is the easiest way to get what you need in the game: ammo, weapons, even invincibility.

The list of cheats is long. You should keep in mind that the cheats presented in this article are for GTA 5 singleplayer, and they don’t work for GTA 5 Online.

First of all: for console, you should press the relevant buttons in order, and for PC, you should press the ~ button, and then type the cheat word.

For invincibility

PS3 and PS4: R(ight), X, R, L(eft), R, R1, R, L, X, T(riangle)

Xbox 360 and Xbox One: R, A, R, L, R, RB, R, L, A, Y


For health and armor

PS3 and PS4: C(ircle), L1, T, R2, X, S(quare), C, R, S, L1, L1, L1

Xbox 360 and Xbox One: B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, R, X, LB, LB, LB


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