Simlish: The Sims Language Will Be Translated to You by Alexa

We all know how the Sims came with Simlish, which has been a bit trash from the very beginning. Honestly, now, is there someone who understood any of that? But thanks to the community, it has eventually become a proper language. Of course, you cannot properly talk Simlish, so there are no conversations to be kept yet, but the game will come with an official set of translations – but you’ll have to have some patience and time to use them.

Lin-Z and its perks

Recently, Lin-Z has been added to The Sims 4, and it seems to be the Alexa device that your Sim can have a happy friendship with. Maxis is putting together a real-life form of the Alexa app, which will come with music for the soundtrack of the series, Sims trivia and will even give you some history about all the past games.

The device will translate Simlish

The best thing about this is that you can speak Simlish to Alexa, and it will translate it for you immediately. The Lin-Z device will give you parts of the language for you to understand once the relationship is maxed out. And this is how you’ll learn The Sims language efficiently.

There’s a whole new vocabulary for you to discover, and entire language to learn, as Kotaku stated from the official dev stream.

Many other unofficial translations

There were many Simlish translations that are unofficial, and throughout the years we’ve seen many forms and variants, but Maxis wants to offer more and more official lists. This is the best thing that has happened recently and we cannot be more thankful for this.


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