Amazon and Google or How They’re Invading Our Personal Space

Up until now, both Amazon and Google had competed when it came to which one is better to have in your home: Amazon Echo or Google Home? Or TV add-ons, such as Chromecast or Fire TV, and let’s not even mention home security systems, such as Ring and Nest.

CES 2019 might change your perspective about life

CES 2019 came with a huge surprise: partners from both of these companies released multiple products that will come with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and bring them into our lives for good, in everyday products that we make the most of.

Why was this year so different?

When it comes to CES, it’s all about robots and health trackers. But this year, Amazon and Google made their presence felt, and it’s a bit funny, since they didn’t even exist at CES up until a couple of years ago. The reason is that their smart assistants – which you can control with your voice – are now built in every new product that was released at CES,   from lawnmowers, to toilets and ovens. Let’s not even mention TVs.

Google’s booths at CES 2019

Google came with new booths for its Google Assistant, from getting traffic information, to taking selfies and ordering food.

Amazon’s booths at CES 2019

Amazon did that, too. There was one for Key by Amazon – how can you get your packages delivered inside your house, car or garage. Another one was made for Ring, the home security system, that came with new products, like cameras and lights. The third one was actually a whole room of products that came from its partners, like smart glasses, ovens and coffee machines, that came with a built-in Alexa.




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