GTA Online: What We Expect for 2019

2018 was indeed a successful year for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online. If we are to take a look at statistics, we’d see that the past year didn’t speak so much about content – it came with less than usual – but the game hit important milestones. The new year is here, and people have asked what do expect from the new game.

The game has accomplished so much in the past year. At the end of 2018, about 100 million copies had been sold. We also know how Rockstar is in war mode with all the cheats and hacks for GTA Online, and we got some results from there, too. Overall, you cannot cheat anymore, and many hack distributors were sent to trial.

We’ve felt the impact of Red Dead Redemption 2’s on GTA Online. It got a decrease, especially in Fall, and it’s all because Rockstar, that was focused on finishing their new hit-game. Players took part in some crossover events in order to unlock content for both of the games.

And now, when Red Dead Redemption 2 is finished, people from Rockstar are ready to develop new content for GTA Online.

More content

We want more content, that’s for sure – more than we got in 2018, and not just weekly drip-feed. We want big releases. Up until now, we got Arena War and After Hours, and the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series. Perhaps they could do some map expansion.

More crossovers

We’ve seen how the crossover with Red Dead Redemption 2 went out, and we want more of that. Players can have the opportunity to unlock content in both of these games, even if players don’t play Red Dead Online as much as they play GTA Online.


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