IoT Safety – Is Your House Truly Secure?

CES showed us the latest innovations in the tech world, and it appears that the Internet of Things was omnipresent. There are different types of devices, and while their main goal is to make our lives easier, it is hard to ignore just how vulnerable they are.

Possible attacks

The IoT could be used by attackers against you. For example, let’s take house control via audio commands. Obviously, this would be incredibly useful, but your voice can be captured and used by someone else. A burglar could open your doors, or open the curtains in order to peek in.

This is the reason why security should be the number one priority for the Internet of Things wave. Attackers can easily use the system against you, and if they are able to control your own house,  you could end up in grave danger.


Sensors could also become a threat for our privacy. For example, there are digital toothbrushes which can record the patterns of your brushing, developing trends for you. While this might come in handy for you, it could also represent valuable information for dental insurers for instance. In fact, most medical sensors contain sensitive data, and there is a risk that it can be leaked.

Keeping safe

If you want to jump on the IoT bandwagon you need to make sure that your home networks is protected properly. Before purchasing a device make a bit of research on your own and find out what are the safety features offered by it.

You might also think about updating your router. This device is at the centre of the entire system, and an outdated router could represent a major risk that would compromise the “smart” devices as well.

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