3 Devices That Care About You and Your Safety

You’re probably looking for new gadgets and tools that can help you make your life easier this year. We’re here to give you three devices that can do that.


We want out digital accounts to be safe – it’s crucial, due to the fact that we are dependent. Hackers are everywhere and they can even get through the two-factor authentication. YubiKey is here to offer the security you need. It is a hardware that can verify your identity by using a physical USB-like device. You can use it with many online services, like Google and Microsoft accounts, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

It costs about $45 for the 5 NFC that gives you wireless communication, and $60 for  5C Nano, that plugs in the USB-C port.

Vinpok Mofin

This one is for those who don’t want to manually clip the phones to their car mounts every single time they go for a drive. This one relies on gravity-induced contact in order to give a secure grip. By putting your phone there, it will push the arms and fold them inward in order to keep your phone there. It also comes with a built-in support for Qi wireless charging, so no more annoying cables.

It costs around $35.99.

iPad Pro

We’ve all heard of this, it’s like a computing device that capable of..pretty much everything. It has a slim form, and the most narrow bezels seen on a tablet. Its processor is very powerful and its operating system in optimized, so it comes with speedy performance. The battery life is excellent. However, it might be frustrating to work on more than two apps at a time, so make sure you keep that in mind. Overall, the experience is smooth and it will help you do your work faster.

It costs around $956.




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