Amazon Is Reportedly Working On a Video Game Streaming Service

According to the giants EA and Ubisoft’s belief that game streaming will be a thing, we could say that they are on to something. Well, Amazon wants in!

Google also tried its hand at streaming the playable version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in Chrome. Streaming is now very popular when it comes to media like music and videos, so why not make gaming available on the internet.

It is very difficult for streaming providers to actually make games available on the internet, but in the past years, many companies have tried it. Now, according to Android Police, it seems that Amazon is developing their game streaming service.

When Will The Amazon Game Streaming Service Launch?

Amazon has already begun talking with game publishers to have the titles distributed through the service. The source also said that the earliest launch date should be next year.

The subscription service could bring many top titles to anyone that has a streaming device or a smartphone, which means Microsoft and Google should face a major competitor.

Considering Amazon is already streaming music and video, why not games too?

What’s great about the future streaming service from Amazon is that gamers will only need something to stream the games on, and you can play that game on anything – a tablet, a PC, a smartphone and so on, making the games cross-platform.

Amazon already oversees a massive community of gamers on Twitch, some who are very famous. There are over a million people watching streams on Twitch all the time, according to last year’s numbers provided by the company. In just a year, from 2 million people in 2017, the number skyrocketed to over 3 million people that broadcast video gameplay, music, comment, or daily interactions with others.

Will Amazon’s streaming game service be as successful as Twitch? We can only wait and see what it will offer.

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