Google Play Store Displays Your Smartphone’s Storage Status

Thanks to a new feature in Google Play Store, the official app store on Android is now displaying your smartphone’s storage status. A Reddit user who goes by the name of Ijazulhaqci has been the first to spot the recently added function. According to Google, the company added that to Google Play Store to avoid confusion among users when it comes to installing new applications.

Google Play Store Displays Your Smartphone’s Storage Status

To make use of this new feature, you should launch the Google Play Store app and check it straight from the “My Apps & Games” section and then head to “Installed” tab to see the status of your internal storage space.

On the other hand, the new feature implemented into the Google Play Store is not only about revealing how much free space you have in your smartphone’s internal storage, but it’s also about showing you which apps you can uninstall to free up some memory.

Google Removed More Than 85 Fake Apps From Its Google Play Store

In other news, Google shut down over 85 fake apps (presumably malware) from its Google Play Store. More specifically, applications presumed to install adware on victims’ smartphones have been cut off from the official Android app store.

“The 85 fake apps, which have been downloaded a total of 9 million times around the world. After verifying our report, Google swiftly suspended the fake apps from the Play store,” reported Trend Micro in an article on its blog. “The most downloaded app among the 85 adware-loaded apps is the ‘Easy Universal TV Remote,’ which has been downloaded more than 5 million times,” according to Trend Micro.

In short, Google added a new feature to its Google Play Store Android app repository, which displays your smartphone’s storage status. The new function will also┬áreveal which apps you can uninstall without losing sensitive data.

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