Twitter To Make Significant Improvements In Its Design

Despite the decline in popularity of Facebook and the unstoppable rise of Instagram (also a Facebook Co.’s social network), Twitter remained unchanged. However, now, its managers are preparing a significant rethink of the app that would affect both the design and the way of interacting with the application in all platforms.

The folks from TechCrunch were able to talk to Sara Haider, a director of Twitter, who revealed the main novelties and changes that the social network will undergo. These improvements have to do not only with the design but also with the way in which users can interact and manage their tweets or even the threads of other followers.

Twitter Would Implement a Colorful Timeline

One of the new features Twitter would implement would be a colorful timeline to differentiate between responses from people you follow and people you don’t follow. By clicking on the conversation, the application would also provide visual clues to help us find the parts of the thread that interests us most. In the tests, the responses of the people we follow are shown in green, while those of unknown users are marked in blue.

Twitter also wants users to be able to return to the point where they stopped reading a follower they are interested in. Sometimes many people mark with a heart the conversation of a thread. Twitter will make its algorithm automatically detect where users have stopped so that they can continue with a thread without the need for additional “tricks.”

Twitter To Ditch Appreciations Icons

Twitter also wants to experiment by removing interaction buttons. The beta will show tweets that at first sight won’t have the option to hit “Like” or Retweet. These options will remain hidden until the user passes through a specific entry. That means Twitter will know when you want to interact and it would offer you the traditional options at that particular moment.

It seems that Twitter does not want to fall behind other social networks, and it is preparing one of the most important changes in its history. The new Twitter beta program would launch for a few thousand people and would not be private. In other words, users will be able to share and count in real-time with the entire Twitter community how they are doing with the new changes.

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