Intel Considers AMD Acquisition, According To Some Rumors

As revealed at CES 2019, AMD rolled out its 7-nm Radeon VII for gaming, NVIDIA rolled out its own FreeSync technology (G-Sync), while Intel presented its latest 10-nm Ice Lake chipsets. Although all those new releases are significant themselves, they cannot compare with some recent rumors that stated that Intel considers AMD acquisition.

Undoubtedly, Intel and AMD are competitors in the market of processors manufacturing. Even more, in 2020, the battle between Intel and AMD will kick up a notch as Intel is planning to launch its first modern discrete GPU.

According to EETimes, rumors coming from numerous C-level executives are saying that Intel considers AMD acquisition which would be a massive move from Intel. However, are these rumors indeed feasible? And, above all, would this move be beneficial for the chipset market?

Intel Considers AMD Acquisition, According To Some Rumors

AMD has come out as a reliable competitor for Intel in the CPU segment. However, it could not compete with Intel regarding performance and popularity. That would end now, as AMD surpassed Intel with its new Ryzen, Threadripper, and EPYC processors, and its rapid mover to 7-nm technology. On the other hand, Intel stuck to 10-nm processors, at the moment.

But the rumors saying that Intel considers AMD acquisition are not the only ones that emerged right after CES 2019 ended. According to some people, instead of buying AMD out, Intel might hire AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su. Even though that’s not likely to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time when an AMD executive would leave the company for Intel. AMD’s former graphics boss Raja Koduri quit AMD and joined Intel.

However, the rumors about Intel considering AMD acquisition are not new, and they emerge from time to time, according to Kathleen Maher, vice president at Jon Peddie Research. She also added that some other rumors refer to Nvidia as the buyer of AMD.

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