Steam’s Getting Redesigned in 2019: Discoverability, Easy Browsing and Anti-Cheat System

If you are part of the “PC master race,” then Steam is surely the store you get your games from. If that’s so, check out everything we know about Steam in 2019. Valve announced they are redesigning it and adding many new features to make gamers find and buy games a lot easier.

The Steam client will get a huge overhaul, and the Steam Library will get a rework.

Valve is now working on a new recommendation engine that will be powered by machine learning to recommend players new games based on what they like:

“Algorithms are only a part of our discoverability solution, however, so we’re building more broadcasting and curating features and are constantly assessing the overall design of the store.”

Steam Updates in 2019

Valve also announced that they have partnered with Perfect World and that Steam will be available in China.

Steam TV will get an expansion – it will support more games, and Valve wants to make gaming events like tournaments, challenges, and streams to be easier to find.

We will also see a Steam Chat mobile app.

The Steam PC Café Program will have Valve work with Internet Cafes for a better gaming experience.

And last but not least, cheaters beware! If you are familiar with the Trusted Matchmaking tools used in CS:GO, think of the tech getting an upgrade and being integrated into Steam to work for all games. It’s a new anti-cheat feature called Steam Trust that will help players find others that are likely cheating at a game.

As you can see, Steam is getting massive features and changes in 2019, which is great considering the competition from rivals keeps on growing, now more than ever since Epic Games launched their Store – check out this article to learn more about the Epic Games Store and what it features besides Fortnite.

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