The Sims 4 Received Lin-Z, Its Own In-Game Alexa-like Assistant

The Sims remains one of the most famous real-life simulators out there. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis, the first Sims came out in 2000 and quickly gained popularity among gamers. Three more titles have come out since then, plus tons of spin-offs and add-ons. Now, The Sims 4 received Lin-Z, its own in-game Alexa-like Assistant version.

The Sims 4 Received Lin-Z, Its Own In-Game Alexa-like Assistant

While people are now talking more and more about The Sims 5, the sought-after sequel of the franchise, Electronic Arts is still adding new content to The Sims 4. In the latest addition, The Sims 4 got its own in-game assistant, Lin-Z, which is pretty much similar to Alexa, or Google Assistant, Bixby, Siri, or Cortana, if you want other examples.

Lin-Z appears in the game like a smart speaker featuring a green diamond-shaped LED. Lin-Z “can play music, do trivia, tell jokes, turns lights on and off (smart home!) and order different services, like food, gardening, and repair,” TechCrunch reported. It’s, therefore, acting like the real Alexa assistant, overall.

The in-game Alexa-like assistant became available in The Sims 4 this week for PC and Mac versions of the game.

What About The Sims 5?

In other news, The Sims 5, the sequel in the franchise, is still the subject of many controversies. While some fans of the series are already posting their wishlists for the fifth installment in the franchise, Electronic Arts did not reveal anything about The Sims 5.

Accordingly, we only rely on rumors when we say that The Sims 5 is under development at Electronic Arts studios. EA released a new Sims title once every five years, so 2019 would mark the launch of The Sims 5. However, that’s not likely to happen since Electronic Arts announced their intention to roll out additional content to The Sims 4, such as the Lin-Z in-game Alexa-like Assistant that reached The Sims 4 this week.

In the end, until we know more about The Sims 5, let’s enjoy the new content and add-ons EA is planning for The Sims 4.

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