Modders Increase Google Pixel 3 Speed of Wireless Charging

When Google launched their latest flagship lineup in 2018, they brought many changes with the new device. The Google Pixel 3 included support for wireless charging and the company also introduced the Pixel Stand, which is a Qi wireless charging certified stand especially created for these devices and part of the Made for Google program.

However, when using a non-certified wireless charger, Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL users saw that the rate of charging was lower – at 750mAh current.

This is where modders on XDA Developers found a way to increase the speed on non-certified chargers, which is great news, even if it is not as fast as the certified chargers. Nonetheless, the mod doubles the speed of charging on non-certified wireless chargers.

A Hot Mod, Literally

But according to the report on XDA Developers, this mod might be risky, because of the method used. The mod might damage the smartphone, the charger or nearby surroundings, says the report, explaining that the slow speed on non-certified wireless chargers is because of the heat generated during charging compared to the certified chargers. Not that you have been warned about the probable fire hazard, let’s see the mod.

Modder ‘kOrner’ posted the following steps:

Go to “/sys/class/power_supply/wireless” and modify the value of “voltage+max” to 9000000 (the default value is 5000000).

This mod will increase the charging speed from 750mA to 1.290mA, but the value will reset to default, so users that want to mod the charging speed for non-certified chargers must do it every time charging starts.

A permanent way to mod this is to root and install Magisk framework and go to “Advanced Charging Control” and change the value of onPlugged=./wireless/voltage_max to “9000000”.

We recommend not to risk damaging your smartphone or burn down your house, but if you insist on trying the mod, supervise the device.

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