Nintendo’s ‘Joy Mech Fight’ NES Classic Game Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online

As usually with Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch Online’s NES app has more games in the Japanese version than in the international one. And that makes sense since Nintendo is a Japanese company. Now, Nintendo’s Joy Mech Fight, a classic 8-bit fighting game, is available on Japan’s Nintendo Switch Online. Luckily, the game is also accessible by NES classic game fans in other regions of the world since the platform is region-free.

The NES console didn’t enjoy many 1-on-1 fighting games since the genre became famous when the 8-bit consoles were about to end their life cycles. On the other hand, it would have been virtually impossible for such consoles to handle the graphics the gamers of those times expected from fighting games. However, there have been a few fighting games on NES. Among them, the most enjoyable one was Joy Mech Fight.

Joy Mech Fight, developed by Nintendo for NES consoles, launched in 1993. The game itself is not much regarding visuals, but it’s proving, once again, the innovative spirit of Nintendo. As it would’ve been impossible to add high-end graphics (within the possibilities of those times) to an 8-bit game, Nintendo thought to get as close as it could by creating Joy Mech Fight, a fighting game “starring” robots with floating heads, torsos, arms, and legs.

Joy Mech Fight comes to NES classic games on Nintendo Switch Online

What made Joy Mech Fight, one of the top-rated NES classic games, special were the many features for an 8-bit game that it boasted. With 36 characters (robot fighters), tons of special moves, practice mode, versus match, and a single-player campaign, Joy Mech Fight has been one of the great fighting games of its times.

However, it could not compete with other fighting games of those times, such as Mortal Kombat (launched in 1992) which was already boasting superior graphics and tons of special moves, special attacks, and the renowned fatalities.

In short, Joy Mech Fight, one of the NES classic games, is now playable on the NES app on Nintendo Switch Online.

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