Best Movie Streaming Apps For Android

Nowadays, we can access entertainment with ease, thanks to the many video streaming platforms out there. We have YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and many other platforms that boast an impressive content of vids, including movies, TV series, and TV shows. However, getting access to movies and TV shows is usually a premium service, so you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription plan. Luckily, some Android applications allow you to stream movies and series for free. Here are the best movie streaming apps for Android.

Best Movie Streaming Apps For Android


Showbox is probably the most popular app for streaming movies and TV series for free on Android. However, Showbox is offering users access to tons of movies, shows, and series, but it’s not entirely legal since it permits users to watch pirated copyright material.

To avoid potential legal issues with Showbox, don’t forget to use it with a reliable VPN solution to hide your IP and boost your privacy while navigating on the Internet.


Viewster has already shaped as an excellent alternative for the before-mentioned Showbox, for some time now. Viewster, one of the best movie streaming apps for Android, is offering access to dozens of films and TV series.

With Viewster, users can also download movies for free, that being one of the main reasons why Viewster became so popular. Also, Viewster is legal to use and is a free, ad-supported platform. You can also go premium for even more content and an ad-free experience.

Crackle by Sony

In case you’re looking for another legal alternative for some of the best movie streaming apps for Android, Crackle is what you need. Crackle is designed and owned by Sony Network, and it is offering an impressive collection of movies and TV series produced by Sony Pictures.

Crackle is an excellent streaming application for Android devices, and it is also legal, meaning that you can watch movies and TV series whenever you want and how much you want.

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