Get the Best Score in Subway Surfers With These Tips

Everyone wants to be the best at Subway Surfers. We’ve written this article to give you the best tips and tricks on how to become one of the best players.

Build up your multiplier

If you want higher scores in a short time, you will have to improve your multiplier. When you first start the game, the power will be at x1. Every time you conclude a set of missions, the level of the multiplier gets higher and higher. Full multiplier is x30. When you have full multiplier, you’ll get score 30 times bigger than you’d usually do.

You can find multiplier in a mission to jump a certain number of times, or when collecting a certain amount of coins or pick up power-ups.

Upgrade your power-ups

The Coin Magnet, the Jet Pack and the 2X Multiplier are what you need in this game, and they’re the best at increasing your score. To get them, you need to spend some coins, but after you get the tools, you’ll make the coins back very quickly – and most of the times even more.

Make a plan first. Upgrade first the Coin Magnet and then the Jet Pack, because they will help you complete the missions and unlock even more upgrades in your game. After you get the multiplier to x30, you can start upgrading the x2 multiplier.

Get as many hoverboards as you can

Hoverboards are usually bought with coins, but you can get them in prize boxes, too. A hoverboard will last you for 30 seconds, but the best part is that it takes one hit for you. so if you crash into something, then the hoverboard will disappear and you’ll still be alive. And if you continue the run, you’ll increase your score.


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