Lucky Patcher V8.1.2 Is The Latest Version Of The Popular Apps Unlocker

There thousands of paid apps on Google Play Store and many of you might want some of them, but that wouldn’t be possible when you’re on a budget and every cent counts. Fortunately, there is Lucky Patcher, a popular apps unlocker that gives you access to the premium and paid application on the Google Play Store.

Nonetheless, we don’t recommend pirating apps, as you should reward the developers for their efforts to create an app that you like and use daily, for example. However, we’re for testing an application before buying it, and many Google Play Store apps do not offer a trial version of their premium features. Thus, we recommend you use Lucky Patcher only to test premium features of the paid apps on Google Play Store. In short, if you like an app, buy it.

Anyways, Lucky Patcher now reached to its 8.1.2 version which rolled out on January 13th with several changes and improvements.

Lucky Patcher V8.1.2 Brought New Changes To The Popular Android Apps Unlocker

Lucky Patcher V8.1.2 came out on January 13th for Android, and it boasts new changes and improvements, According to the official release notes, Lucky Patcher V8.1.2 comes with:

  • New host for updates added;
  • Install original Google Play 12 The proxy;
  • The proxy server for Google Play fixed;
  • Translations updated.
  • Analytical service added (works only when wifi + charging is on);

In short, Lucky Patcher V8.1.2 allows users to unlock premium features of paid Android apps, remove ads, cloning apps, enabling/disabling functions in applications, turns third-party installed apps to system apps and vice-versa, and permits you clear Dalvik and Cache, among others.

In conclusion, Lucky Patcher permits users to test premium features in paid apps on Google Play Store, while it’s also useful in tweaking some of the in-app functions. Lucky Patcher V8.1.2 which is the latest version of the popular apps unlocker is now available as an APK.

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