Minecraft Marketplace December: Which Are the Top Creations to Play In 2019

the November number of downloads (4.57 million). This has happened because of some reasons, such as the fact that the team released more free promotional content. It also came with improved features.

We’ve written this article to tell you which are the most downloaded creations from Minecraft.

Catastrophic Pandamonium. This one comes from Gamemode One, and it’s sort of a sanctuary for mobs. Also: THE PANDAS ARE MISSING!!

Winter Gifts Bundle. This one comes from Minecraft and comes with Winter Wonders, with new adventures and new worlds, and skins.

Minecraft Texture Update Beta. This one, of course, came from Minecraft and it’s finally here! It’s like there’s a new beginning. This update was so needed.

Inspiration Island. This one comes from Minecraft, and you’re able to visit the Inspiration Island, which is actually a theme park world that’s full of new challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this, you’ll find your way to new worlds in no time.

Purple Parrot Party Place. This one comes from Minecraft, and you’re able to play with fireworks, banners, jukeboxes and armor stands. You may also want to find a massive parrot temple – and all you have to do it get through a jungle.

Legacy Skin Pack. This one comes from Minecraft, and you get starter skins and some old ones from the Minecraft editions of yore.

Grid Runners. This one comes from Noxcrew. It is a mini-game map that’s made out of classic challenges from Minecraft, where you can mine and jump, and, of course, craft until you get the victory. You can also team up with your friends and find together the road to victory.

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