Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Confirms Rumored Feature

Samsung is putting the finishing touches on the Samsung Galaxy S10 as the release date is approaching.

The anniversary flagship has already become one of the most anticipated flagships of the decade and the Korean is certainly feeling the need to impress the fan base.

2018’s S9 rejected the trend of the notch, a move that made the device stand out in a sea of iPhones wannabes that lacked both the features and the overall style of the famous Apple product.

Many hours were spent on discussions about the possible design of the future Galaxy smartphone. A recent leak has confirmed one of the most popular theories, proving that Samsung has embraced the latest trend that is being chased by the industry.

The blurred image shows what seems to the front of one of the future Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones.  A punched-in selfie camera can be seen in the upper-right corner of the device. Minimal bezels are present on the device and the dimensions of the front speaker have been reduced considerably, with a small line being visible on the edge of the upper bezel.

Bleeding edge technology

Samsung may opt to drop face recognition support since the device will use an advanced ultrasonic fingerprint sensor made by Qualcomm. The accuracy of the sensor makes it very hard to crack, raising it above the conventional optic fingerprint sensors that are used by most smartphone models.

Some sources claim that three Samsung S10 versions will integrate an improved reverse wireless charging feature. Users will be able to charge compatible devices by placing them near the device. Huawei was the first to introduce the feature with the P20 Pro but the charging speed is so slow that most users will certainly prefer to use a conventional wireless charger or a cable instead.

Samsung will unveil the S10 during a special Unboxed event that will take place on February 20. Until then we can only hope that the device will be able to live up to the hype that surrounds it.

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