VidMate 3.6207 Version – APK Update: What’s New?

We have all heard of Vidmate and how amazing the app it actually is. You can download online videos and any other type of media file with it, and the best part is that it is constantly improving. Considering how frequently VidMate receives new APK updates, we are starting to question whether the team behind the app needs a nap or they can just keep going.

The latest update for VidMate has come a few days ago, and it has the 3.6207 version number. Here is everything we know.

The update met the light of the day on the 19th of the January, and it comes with the 3.6207 version number. It is considered a high priority update because it does not focus on new features or improvement of UI, but rather on software tweaks and bug fixes.

They improved the software

Some feedback said that VidMate used to crash right in the middle of the downloading process. Well, not anymore, the team behind the app took care of that. The new APK comes with bug fixes and with improvements to the overall software stability.

The performance is faster

After installing the new APK, those of you who use VidMate are going to see a difference. The update also comes with a couple of software tweaks. They improve the ‘motor’ of the performance of VidMate, and it makes the app run faster than it usually did. This also means that it downloads videos at higher speeds.

Manually download it

The thing with this APK update is that you will have to download and install it manually from the official site.

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