Motorola’s Own Version of a Foldable Phone

A patent from Motorola has been recently discovered, giving us an insight look at the rumored RAZR foldable phone from Lenovo. 91 Mobiles unearthed it, and several illustrations are contained in the filing. The first page shows a handset with a folding screen on the inside while the second shows a smaller screen on the outside.

The document does not mention at all the RAZR brand, but the fact that gives it away is the bear number of similarities we can find on the sketches that look like RAZR V3: from the butting chin exported straight from the original to the rear hinge used to clasp the device shut like a flip phone.

On 17th of December, there was news of the patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), not too much time after The Wall Street Journal outed the plans Lenovo has for the RAZR. The phone is believed to be a Verizon exclusive as we might get it as soon as the next month.

Everybody knows that Samsung was the first one to announce the release of their foldable phone. Well, there is a similarity between it and the RAZR –  the price. Samsun Galaxy F will be available at the price of $1,700 while, wit $200 less, Lenovo will offer their phone at the price of $1,500. Earlier this month China’s Royole brought their own foldable phone, but it was extraordinarily bendy and clunky. If Lenovo and Samsung want to win over buyers, they should come out with something more aesthetic.

After Royole’s appearance, competitors are surely taking notes on how their phone should not look like.

What do you think about a folding phone? Do you think it looks too similar to a flip phone for decades ago? Or is it a revolutionary idea?

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