Adobe Acquired Allegorithmic, Securing Its Spot In 3D Editing Industry For Gaming and Entertainment

Adobe acquired Allegorithmic, the world’s leader in 3D editing for gaming and entertainment. With the purchase of Allegorithmic, which is the producer of the renowned Substance, the industry’s standard for 3D textures and authoring in the game and video post-production, Adobe would boost its Creative Cloud in imaging and video graphics tools.

“With this acquisition, Creative Cloud will benefit from Allegorithmic tools that are already helping top gaming, entertainment, retail, and other brands create the textures and materials that give 3D content detail and realism,” said Scott Belsky from the Adobe Blog.

For its part, Allegorithmic’s Substance tools are already used by many game studios around the world, such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, among others, and by a whole bunch of AAA games, including Call of Duty series, Forza, and Assassin’s Creed series, to mention a few. Also, essential brands in e-commerce, film and television, architecture, retail, and automotive industry are using Substance.

Adobe Acquired Allegorithmic to Boost Its Creative Cloud With Industry-Leading Tools for 3D Editing in Gaming and Entertainment

The significance of Allegorithmic’s Substance is evident in the 3D editing in gaming and entertainment. With Substance, it would be more accessible to create PBR (Physically based rendering) materials directly on 3D models, generating several textures at the same time with only a move of a brush, in real-time, and with tools already familiar for Photoshop users, including layers and blending instruments.

Now, Adobe acquired Allegorithmic and secured its spot in the industry of 3D editing for gaming and entertainment. But that’s not the first time when Adobe and Allegorithmic are dealing on a matter. About three years ago, Adobe and Allegorithmic worked together. As the result of the work, Adobe introduced a standard PBR material to its Adobe Dimension, Project Aero, Adobe Capture, and every 3D element in Adobe Stock.

While Creative Cloud tools such as Photoshop, Dimension, Premiere Pro, and After Effects are already of great significance for content creators, the addition of Allegorithmic’s Substance instruments for 3D editing in gaming and entertainment would add new powerful tools to Creative Cloud.

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