“Survival Game,” Xiaomi’s PUBG and Fortnite Alternative, Is Now Available

There are not many great Battle Royale games out there, despite the popularity of the genre. Xiaomi, the famous Chinese tech company, known for its smartphones, decided to emerge in the video games industry. And what would have a more significant impact from Xiaomi than coming up with a PUBG and Fortnite alternative? Thus, Xiaomi launched in the video games market with Survival Game which is now available, already.

Xiaomi hopes that Survival Game would become as popular as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile on smartphones. Thus, Xiaomi’s Survival Game would only be available for Android, for the moment. We don’t know if the Chinese tech company plans to roll out its Battle Royal game to other platforms.

Survival Game, Xiaomi’s PUBG and Fortnite alternative, is now available for free. The users of Xiaomi smartphones can already download and install it from the Chinese app store My App. The game is not available on Google Play Store, at least at the moment.

“Survival Game” Is Xiaomi’s PUBG and Fortnite Alternative

Survival Game is a new Battle Royale game for Android, developed by Xiaomi, the famous smartphone manufacturer. It comes as a PUBG and Fortnite alternative, and Xiaomi plans to make it a popular Battle Royale title. However, the tech company did not announce the possibility for a release on other platforms such as iOS or Windows.

Survival Game is set in a futuristic world that serves as the battleground where players can fight each other until only one of them remains alive, following the principles of Battle Royale genre. Besides, it comes out with a feature that we don’t have in PUBG or Fortnite. Thus, Survival Game permits gamers to choose between three character types, each with its unique battle styles and characteristics. Also, as Epic Games does with Fortnite, Xiaomi would also launch seasons and add new content.

As mentioned above, Xiaomi’s PUBG and Fortnite alternative, Survival Game, is not available on Google Play Store and its Beta version is only accessible, officially, by Xiaomi smartphone users on the Chinese app store My App. Luckily, everyone can download and play the game via APK file, available on ModDroid.

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