The Design on iPhone 11 Revealed in A 3D Model

Remember when Apple used to have a top-secret phone that was supposed to be released in 2019, but then it was revealed early, together with info about the handset’s triple-camera? Well, a 3D concept is now online, and it shows the final design of the iPhone 11.

Apple won’t officially give us the new phone until September, but we already know a lot from leaks. This is why people were able to do the 3D computer model of the phone. Obviously, it’s possible for the 3D model to look nothing like the actual iPhone, but it’s also possible to be correct. Right now, we cannot do anything but wait for September to come.

What do we know so far about the phone?

It has one obvious change when it comes to the back of the phone, where is placed the iPhone’s main camera. The 3D model shows the iPhone with a triple-camera module on the back, and we all know that this is a first for Apple. Some people from the inside are sure that the triple-camera module will make its appearance with this iPhone. This also means that there could be enhanced face recognition technology and, also, other design enhancements.

This triple-camera system comes with great benefits for photography. Apple will come with augmented reality features, like Snapchat filters and better versions for some well-known games, like Pokémon Go. With this, Portrait Mode selfies can be possible – you know, when the background is all blurred and the subject is in focus.

However, these are just rumors and we don’t even know if Apple will use its triple-camera set up for this iPhone.

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