Samsung’s New 2019 Smartwatch More Likely to be Called the ‘Galaxy Watch Active’

Anyone who is interested in seeing what new smartwatch Samsung has been working on, must have seen the leaks from the beginning of this year.

Previous leaks from the prolific leaker Steve H., aka @OnLeaks, have shown us the renders of a new smartwatch from Samsung that was codenamed “Pulse.” Back then, nobody knew if this will also be the name of the smartwatch, but no information provided on his Twitter points to a different name: the Galaxy Watch Active.

At the beginning of January, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listing showed a new smartwatch by Samsung, so rumors began pouring, including possible names. Here is the tweet from @OnLeaks and an update from Max J. claiming that the 2019 Samsung smartwatch will be called ‘Galaxy Watch Active’:

What Features Will the ‘Galaxy Watch Active’ Bring?

If the name proves to be right, what information can we glean from it? Samsung could want to make their watch focus more on fitness than the previous model did.

Alternatively, according to many users, the name could point to the watch being more durable and focus on the adventurous side of the wearers. In the renders leaked at the beginning of January, we saw Steve saying that the watch might be named GalaxySport and that it will come in black, silver, green and pink gold color options. We have also noticed that there may not be a rotating feature.

As for the name, just like the ‘Sport’ term, ‘Active’ has been used in the Samsung smartphone lineup previously, referring to durable and waterproof phones and shatterproof displays.

Will the watch come with these features? There is only one way to find out (if the details are not leaked before) – the Galaxy Watch Active should be at least teased in the Galaxy S10 launch which will be held on 20 February, in San Francisco. At the launch, we should see at least three and even four smartphones being unveiled at the event, with the Galaxy Watch Active among them.

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