iPad Mini 5 along with 2019 Apple iPad – A12X Bionic chip?

Many rumors suggest that Apple is working on their updated iPad Mini 5 and the iPad 2019 edition. It is still unknown how different the iPad Mini will be and whether it will be announced. Following the same release patterns from years ago, the device might be launched in the third week of March 2019. Are you excited to see what these tablets will look like? Read below.

Size and Design of the 2019 iPad

Based on the most reliable rumors on the internet, the 2019 iPad’s display size will be 0.3 inches bigger, compared to its current 9.7 inches. As the bezels are no longer cool, we should expect Apple to reduce them either all around or on the sides. Some people even think that a selection of the specs the iPad Pro features will also be added into the iPad 2019, but that has not been confirmed yet. What we can be sure about is that Apple will not change the price of this device because it is still dealing with falls in sales.

Process Upgrade Widely Expected

Apple may choose to introduce the A12X Bionic chip into their next generation iPad from this year. Some people may feel like the company repeats what it usually does with its iPhones. They keep the same processor no matter the variant of the device.

As the 2019 iPad is extremely awaited by customers, we should expect Apple’s sales to go up and so will do its revenue.

What do you think about Apple’s decisions regarding the next generation of iPad? Are you excited for its release or are you waiting for something more before switching to a different tablet of buying your first?

Whatever your answer is, you should still keep in mind that these are only rumors.

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