Samsung Galaxy S10 Newest Leaks: 5G Network Availability

On the 20th of February Samsung’s Unpacked event will take place in San Francisco. During this day we might also take the first look at the first foldable phone of the company which will be called either Galaxy D, Galaxy X, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Fold. The foldable phone that Samsung will show us will be fully functional, according to the Wall Street Journal. With that being said, Samsung will be a step ahead of its competitors.

During another event, CES, we were shown a 5G prototype phone that was able to connect to the next-generation cellular network, and if we consider that, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S10 might also be able to connect to the 5G network.

We are not sure that during this event from February either the 5G or the foldable phone will show up because Samsung is focused on developing the next member of the Galaxy S series. From what we know so far, this flagship is worth waiting for.

Another interesting rumor that might get you hyped about the Galaxy S10 is that it will be powered by the newest chipset, the Snapdragon 855 which performs so good that the LG V40 and Galaxy S9 will be left behind waving.

Aside from the performance, pundits, analysts, and leakers are making a collage of how the Galaxy S10 could possibly look like. They claim that it will include an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, additional to other extraordinary features. Samsung fans that will buy this phone might also benefit from an Infinity-O Display and Face ID – the company’s own version of it.

Its launch was confirmed

CES 2019 was interrupted by Samsung to make an announcement. It consisted of the location and launch date for its Unpacked event. Even though no word from them could give away the fact that they will also release the Galaxy S10, the invitation had a ten number on it. The announcements will be transmitted live by CNET which will be present at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday 20th of February at 11 a.m. PT.

The following week, another event will take place, MWC. We thought that Samsung would save Galaxy X’s launch, their foldable phone, for that date, but it is impossible that the company will not at least let us glance over the phone on 20th of February. After its release, the shipping of the Galaxy S10 will likely begin in March according to an earlier report by Gizmodo UK.

Rumor: Three Galaxy S10 phones, including Plus and Lite models

The Galaxy S10 is rumored to come in three variants:

Galaxy S10: Also known after its code name, Beyond 1, is said not to be either bigger or smaller than the Galaxy S9, its predecessor, but it will have slimmer bezels. Its screen is also expected to measure 6.1 inches, and it might also come equipped with three cameras according to Ice Univers, the Twitter leaker.

Galaxy S10 Plus: Also known after its code names Beyond X or Beyond 2, this will be Galaxy S9 Plus’ successor. This phone will be equipped with the largest display of the trio measuring 6.4 inches. On its rear, there might be four cameras, and two on the front while inside there might be a big battery.

Galaxy S10 Lite: Also known after its code name Beyond 0, this might be the budget-friendly variant of the Galaxy S10 just like iPhone XR was for iPhone XS. It will come with a display measuring 5.8 inches and, according to rumors, its edges might be straight instead of curved. It will feature no headphone jack or in-display fingerprint sensor.

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