TutuApp v3.2.3 for Android Permits Users To Download Paid Apps for FREE

TutuApp made a name for itself as the most reliable application that permits users to download paid apps for free. Now, TutuApp v3.2.3 for Android rolled out with new features and improvements. But TutuApp is not only allowing us to take down and install paid apps, but it also gives us access to modded applications, such as modded Snapchat or WhatsApp apps, among others.

TutuApp is a very popular application for both Android and iOS. We will today focus on the Android TutuApp variant. TutuApp permits users to download paid apps for free, as well as modded versions of some mainstream applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, and games you wouldn’t find on Google Play Store.

Nonetheless, the app is giving access to freeware apps, as well, so you can also download regular applications with TutuApp. But you should know that downloading paid apps for free means piracy, so you use this app store on your own risks.

TutuApp v3.2.3 for Android Rolled Out With New Features and Improvements

The new TutuApp v3.2.3 version for Android comes with several bug fixes and stability and performance improvements, as well. Also, the thumbnails of the app in the store now look slightly different and load up faster when you’re scrolling the pages.

Besides, TutuApp v3.2.3 comes with a fix for the network issues reported by some users of the precedent versions. The official TutuApp v3.2.3 release notes read as follows:

  • Fix for the download problems
  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Network connection error fixes

Also, you should note that the new TutuApp v3.2.3 weighs around 23.21 MB. In case you find a TutuApp v3.2.3 with a different size, you should not download and install it as it might be fake since there are lots of counterfeit TutuApp APKs out there, the majority of which are installing malware on Android devices.

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