Android Q Leaks: Best Possible Release Date

Android Pie was released 5 months ago and the update is now becoming available for a large selection of devices. Pie added a lot of new features and improvements but many fans are already looking forward to Android Q. Read below to learn more about the next version of the popular operating system.

Possible release date

At this point it is not known when the new version will become available or even if Q is going to be the actual name.  If the same release schedule will be followed an early version will be released for select OEM manufacturers in March. It is likely that the final build will become available in August 2019. Keep in mind that Pixel devices are thought to be the only ones to gain access to the update as soon as it is released. Other devices will get the update towards the end of 2019 or even in 2020.

New features

The inclusion of a system-wide dark mode

Dark modes have become very popular in the last years and it seems that Google is eager to follow trend. A reliable source provided screenshots that reveal what seems to be an early Android Q build with an active dark mode that affects the entire interface.

Improved permissions

Users will be able to clearly see which apps are able to use specific components like the camera, GPS position and much more.  A toggle button will allow users to personalize the permissions for each app according to their needs.

New and returning developer tools

Android developers will be happy to now that the freeform windows will make a comeback. One of the most mysterious features is called Game Updates Package Preference, likely to impact the download and installation of large video games. Another interesting addition is a feature named force desktop mode, which could herald a large push towards external displays, similar to the ones used by Samsung’s DeX solution.

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