Google Play Store 13.2.19 APK: Everything You Need to Know About the New Update

The waiting is over, and the update is finally here! The Google Play Store is going to receive a brand new update that will also give the software a new version: 13.2.19. We come with great news for you!

It is true, many of the Android phones come with a pre-installed Google Play Store. However, there are many more that do not receive it from the very start, and the owner will very much like to get it. And it is understandable, because of all the apps that you can find there – it is basically the biggest app store around the world.

If the version that you have installed now is older, then you might want to get the new APK and install it, even if you still have the old one – just install it on the top of the existing one. There should not be any problems, but in case there are, it should not be hard to solve, and it should not take you a lot of time to deal with it.

It is an APK, which means that you will have to download it and install it manually. Also, make sure that you enabled the “Unknown Sources” option from your smartphone’s Settings panel in order for things to run smoothly. We know that this whole process is not pleasant and that it would be easy to receive it as you do with all the other updates for different apps, but this is the only way to receive an update with bug fixes and software tweaks.

What’s new?

The 13.2.19 APK comes with numerous software improvements that will make your overall experience better. Just make sure you get this new update as soon as possible, if you want to enjoy it at its fullest.


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