Chrome v72 Available to Download with New Features

Google’s Chrome is one of the most popular browsers that are available for smartphone devices. The app is usually pre-loaded on the devices but it is also available as an APK for those that prefer to use custom ROMs.

It’s been a while since v71 was released and Google has finally launched the latest update. A host of new and exciting features have been introduced along with some changes that will boost the security of the device. Read below to learn more about the update.

New features

A new navigation history shortcut

In some cases you may need to switch between different pages that were accessed in the same tab. This can now be done in an easier manner by tapping and holding your finger on the forward and backward buttons. The feature was first added on the PC version and it is a great addition for those that don’t like to open several tabs.

The Duet bar is now available

The Duet bar was created by Google as a different take on the traditional navigation bar. The revamped bar offers interesting functions like the ability to use a share button in order to send an interesting page, a Tab button that is placed in a center of the tap and a search shortcut. The feature is still experimental but it can be used by following these steps:

  • Open the app
  • Enter chrome://flags in the address bar and tap on enter
  • Look for the Duet feature
  • Enable the feature
  • Enjoy!
  • Major changes
  • TLS support has been removed

Pages that use TLS (Transport Layer Security) will no longer work when you are using Chrome. TLS is an aging security protocol that was removed in order to avoid potential exploits.

Support has been added for Web Authentication API

The new API will allow users to use features like Windows Hello, the Titan Key or a fingerprint in order to sign-in on select websites.

Improved pop-up countermeasures

Web pages are no longer able to show pop-up notification when you are attempting to close the tab.

Other minor changes that improve the experience

The latest app can be found on Google Play or download from a reliable app repository.

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