Energizer Mobile Plans To Launch 26 Phones At MWC 2019, Including Folding Smartphones

Mobile World Congress 2019 would take place later this month in Barcelona. It would be a huge event where the major smartphone manufacturers in the world would present their latest creations. Among these producers, there will be Energizer Mobile which plans to launch no less than 26 phones at MWC 2019, including folding smartphones, devices without notches and even bezels, and some smartphone with accumulators of 18,000 mAh.

“Energizer Mobile to reveal 26 new phones at the Mobile World Congress, including a foldable smartphone and an 18,000 mAh-battery-smartphone,” Energizer Mobile announced on Twitter. The company also linked to an official¬†press release that revealed more about the upcoming devices.

“The 26 new Energizer Mobile devices on display will show off a range of innovative features, from popup cameras, to professional scanning functionality in their rugged phones, a foldable smartphone, and even an 18,000 mAh mobile battery (the largest capacity battery yet seen in a commercially-available smartphone),” the press release, released by Giz China, revealed.

Energizer Mobile Plans To Launch 26 Phones At MWC 2019, Including Folding Smartphones

According to recent reports released by Energizer Mobile, under the license of Avenir Telecom, the smartphone manufacturer would launch 26 phones at MWC 2019, including some folding smartphones.

“Energizer Ultimate is a new line that will launch with six premium smartphones. One of them will be a foldable phone, and there will be pop-up cameras too. The three pillars of the Ultimate line are performance, innovation, and elegant design.¬†There are two more lines, Energy (featurephones) and Hardcase (rugged feature phones), which will likely help pad out the number of new models to 26,” also revealed GSMArena, via some sources inside Energizer Mobile.

The most exciting aspects of these recent reports are talking about the possibility of the launch of an Energizer Mobile folding smartphone which would launch right after Samsung ould reveal its one foldable phone, the Galaxy F device. Also interesting, Energizer would release a smartphone with an 18,000-mAh battery.

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