iPhone 2019 vs. Android 2019: In What Aspects Wants iPhone To Beat Android

Apple’s iPhone 19 will apparently come with three cameras on the back – as many sources say – but we’re not sure it will give up their two cameras that easy.

In comparison with Android…

Android has already started to increase the chances to give their users three cameras. It’s all about greater adaptability when it comes to taking photos with the phone.

Which one is better, Android or iPhone?

Apple will probably become present in this matter, too, with iPhone XS Max. The current iPhones come with two cameras, of which one is a portrait lens. The third sensor is supposed to catch a more wide field of view. Android has done this before.

Interestingly, these lenses will be the best choice for enrolling more pixels, which means that Apple, through software, will be able to modify it so it could git in a subject that was, let’s say, left out of the initial shot.

It’s also worth mentioning that Live Photos highlight will be stretched out – from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.

The USB Type-C ports

As you probably already know, there will be three Apple iPhones in 2019, and they might stick to the same plan. It’s true, we’ve heard that Apple is trying new versions of the iPhone 2019 line-up to see which one will fit better USB Type-C ports – they want to replace the traditional Lightning connector. We’re not sure Apple will really do this. However, they’re certainly thinking about it. The present iPad Pro has USB Type-C port, so why not extend it to smartphones, too?

However, is Apple happy with this decision? From what we’ve also heard, they want to add a new Face ID sensor, too.

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