The Sims 4 February Update: Everything You Need to Know

The February update for the Sims 4 is here, and we have written this article to give you every detail we have of it.

The game is getting its New Year content update. They’ve added everything your Sim needs for celebrating the New Year. And we’re not only talking about Lunar-themed items, or clothing, but also about some bugs that were fixed and some performance issues that are now solved.

There are also new recipes added to the game, a brand new dining set, some festival décor and, of course, new clothes for all ages.

New recipes

Mud Carp – this one requires level 7 of cooking skills

Vegetable Dumplings – this one requires level 1 of cooking skills

Brand new objects

This update comes with a Year of the Pig Statuette – in celebration of the new Chinese Year. It also comes with a moon panda toy, some symbols of the watery moon, some wealth of the moon envelopes, a lucky citrus tree of the moon. We’ll also get paper lantern of the wiseacre moon. We’re also going to enjoy moon-gazing dining chai

New clothes

For adults, they added the following: for men, one jacket, for women, one pair of earrings, two dresses and one jade necklace

For children, they added the following: for girls one dress and for boys one jacket.

For both of the sexes, they added one yin and yang necklace

For toddlers, they added the following: for girls one dress, and for both of the sexes one shirt and one hairstyle


The ghost Sims is now able to use the Book of Life to resurrect themselves. Also, if the Sim is insulted by the Lin-Z Smart Speaker, this will cause a relationship loss between the Sim and the device. The wake-up routines of the device will continue to run, even if the Sim and the Smart Speaker don’t get along anymore.



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