In Which Regions Verizon’s 5G Home Network will be Available?

When you are able to get the 5G Home service from Verizon, you will see how extraordinary it is. The coverage region of the carrier is very constrained even in the four dispatch cities it has, and it is not likely to grow for about half a year.

Verizon’s CEO, Hans Vestberg said in an earnings call this week that the 5G underlying hardware has already been completely sent in the four cities they have chosen. The obvious thing that ended up being true is that not the entire towns are covered, but only a small amount of each.

There is one struggle that got hidden away by Verizon, and that is that the carrier initially rolled out with mid “5GTF” 5G hardware. At the moment it is possible to access the standards-compliant 5G NR foundation, but at the moment it is exchanging further builds over to the worldwide standard. What will not be available are the compliant home routers from Motorola and Samsung, at least not until the second half of 2019. With that being said until Verizon gets hold of those, its 5G Home coverage can’t be extended.

What can you get from Verizon 5G?

In the United States, the Home ISP rivalry is not kind at all, so Verizon wanted to make sure that Americans will choose its service by promising that their 5G Home network will double the speed. The speeds average for the company is 300Mbps.

Coverage maps of Verizon’s 5G service are not provided but neighborhood ones, yes. After taking those area records, interpreting them to neighborhood limits utilizing Google Maps, and mapping those to ZIP codes, we can officially provide you with a guide of the ZIP codes.


The 5G Home will be available in the Houston territory in parts of the Montrose, Near Northside, University neighborhoods, Midtown, and The Heights.

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