What will the Android Q from Google come with?

According to a recent report, aative support for a secure biometric authentication is being developed by Google, and it is also said to be similar to the Face ID provided by Apple. This new feature will be introduced along with the Android Q smartphone operating system release.

Android fans will be so excited when they will see what this AOSP Android Q build includes for them. They will be able to set their phone in dark mode even though some apps do not come with it already built in, and many other changes will come their way including app permissions concerning the location and many more.

What gave away Google’s intention of releasing a new facial recognition authentication system is the code that some analysts discovered. The Face ID-like security method will be used for app logins, handset unlocking, payments and many more. Android devices will have a chance to compete with Apple’s creations this way. Obviously, some phone manufacturers have already come up with their own versions of the Face ID, the Mate 20 Pro from Huawei for example. However, there is one problem. It was not easy for Android to come up with all the tweaking and customization of this new feature.

Android promises their Face ID mechanism to be exactly what users need so they will no longer worry about their security. This program is neither easy to make or pay for when it comes from other companies, but if Google creates their own, all these problems will be erased. Hopefully, the Face ID provided by Google will not only be similar to the one provided by Apple but maybe it will also rise to the fans’ expectations as they are used to the professionalism the Cupertino company offers.

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