Devil May Cry 5 Demo: One of the Best Action Games in 2019

Playing through the Devil May Cry 5 Demo was fun, and when it all finished, we were left wanting for more. The game looks much better and brings forth a new character that has a different playstyle compared to Dante and Nero.

Now Capcom introduces a new character – V. It has two familiars you must use in battles (a bird and a panther), the two almost doing the entire work as V stands behind them, finishing off enemies.

Hideaki Itsuno, the Devil May Cry 5 game director, admits in an interview with Games Radar:

I’ve always really loved those kinds of mechanics myself, too. I think even looking into Dante and his Royal Guard… you can see that kind-of parry which, you could probably say, comes from Street Fighter III and that massive risk/reward dynamic you’ve got going on in there.

Devil May Cry 5 Filled With Battles, Puzzles and Hidden Items

Itsuno adds that it’s a tricky thing to evade and escape blows from enemies because players must learn the timing and the moves, but when they finally pull it off, “there’s really no other feeling like it.”

The fighting game is based on rhythm, spacing, combos and using wisely your bird for crowd control and the panther for ripping through enemies.

Comparing Devil May Cry 5 to the Devil May Cry 4, Itsuno says that they used the balance and speed from the latter, and rethought the time from between battles, so that the entire area in the game has a purpose in each level, making the game better paced between and during battles to create “better momentum overall.”

Anyone who loves fighting games, action games and the Devil May Cry installments must play this game, and the wait isn’t that long: you will be able to play it on March 8 when it launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Prepare for the best, over the top action game of 2019 which will also come with a multiplayer feature for up to three players.

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