Brawl Stars Best Tips and Tricks in February 2019

  1. Game modes should be known

You can find an assortment of game modes in Brawl Stars such as Bounty, Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Showdown, Heist, Robo Rumble, and Big Game. A single game type will be available for you the first time you log in, but it would only be available for a certain amount of time. Showdown will be unlocked once you reach the trophy limit required and during that play session you will have the possibility to choose from two modes.

  1. Specific modes are for specific Brawlers

Certain Brawlers work best in specific modes, but you will figure that out eventually. For example, when you play in Gem Grab, you should make sure that you play with Brawlers that when it comes to their basic attacks have a good range. In this specific game mode, the best Brawlers you can use are Dynamike, Penny, Poco, Barley, Bo, Jessie, Ricochet, Shelly, Nita, and Mortis. In Showdown mode we recommend you use Colt, Bull, Frank, and El Primo.

  1. Recovering in the bushes

Sometimes you will need to take advantage of the bushes the map provides you within Gem Hunt and Showdown. Recovery should happen in the bushes when your Brawler is close to death so it will not get killed. Stop shooting and stay still for a few seconds and a portion of your health will be regained.

Many enemy Brawlers knows this tactic so you can go over in their refuge places and take them down. Keep an eye on their actions, and you will know when to go after them. Do not forget that many other players use this tactic so you will never be completely secured. When you are in Showdown mode, you can use both the walls and the bushes.

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