Google Pixel 4 To Boast Improved Dual SIM Features

Google Pixel 4 would be the next flagship smartphone of the Pixel series, which will come out in November this year. Even though we’re about ten months away from the arrival of Google Pixel 4, some rumors already came out on this upcoming device. In the most recent one, it is said that Pixel 4 would boast improved dual SIM features. And this rumors might turn out to be correct since it came from a Google employee.

At the moment, Google works on two new devices in the Pixel 3 series. As reported earlier this year, Google Pixel 3 Lite and Google Pixel 3 Lite XL would roll out in few months. As for Google Pixel 4, we don’t know much about it besides the fact that it would come with Android Q. Reportedly, it would also boast improved dual SIM features, according to a comment left by a Google employee to a new post in the Android Open Source Project Gerrit.

Google Pixel 4 To Boast Improved Dual SIM Features

Dual SIM smartphones fall into two distinct categories by the technology behind the Dual SIM functions. Accordingly, there are Dual SIM, Dual Standby, in which users can’t use both SIMs at the same time and for the same purpose (mobile data, calls or SMS), and Dual SIM, Dual Active in which we can make/receive¬†calls and SMS and use mobile data on both SIM cards at the same time.

Android¬†Q might come with better-defined support for Dual SIM, so we should expect Google Pixel 4 to boast improved Dual SIM features. What to expect? Well, we don’t know yet for sure, but XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman guesses that Google plans to implement a sort of Dual SIM, Dual Standby mode but with one physical SIM and one eSIM in Pixel 4. Also, we don’t know if Google will upgrade its last year’s flagship smartphones and their Lite counterparts that would come out soon with better Dual SIM features. Google Pixel 4 might be the first to launch with improved Dual SIM functionality, though.

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