iPhone 11 to Be as Expensive as iPhone X

iPhone 11 is definitely something Apple’s fans are waiting for, but not much of anybody else. Rumors that it might be as expensive as iPhone X ruined it all – plus the fact that it could also underperform – the thing that we kind of expected, considering its past. There are some analysts who already say that the upgrades of the device are at their worst state.

Why are these devices so expensive?

The sales for the iPhone have shown underperformance and this might be one of the reasons why the iPhone is so expensive. The clients have to pay $1,000 for the basic versions of Apple’s smartphones.

Will this stop the company from raising the price?

Of course, the sales would not stop Apple from implementing the same prices – high prices – to its future devices. There are some reports that show that the iPhone 11 will not have any low-end options available. So if someone wants to get smartphones from Apple, they might want to start saving now.

How will this have an impact on iPhone 11?

This also shows that Apple is underestimating the impact it would have when it comes to the upgrade cycle. Some analysts have already shown how often customers buy new iPhones. This could have a huge impact on the iPhone 11.

Despite the fact that the iPhone installed base grew with 9% last year, experts expect units to be down with 19% in a fiscal 2019, thing that implies a material push-out in the upgrade rates. The replacement cycles are elongating a bit too much lately.


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