Google Chrome Beta for Android Tests “Dark Mode”

Undoubtedly, 2019 is the year of the “dark mode” as more and more tech companies are planning to add it to their apps and software. Google, for its part, has already tested or implemented dark mode in several of its apps, either standalone applications or web-based. However, Google Chrome for Android is among the last Google’s apps standing without a dark theme. Now, the latest Google Chrome Beta for Android test “dark mode.”

Google already announced that it would roll out night mode for Google Chrome on Windows and macOS computers. However, the Google devs behind the Android variant of the popular browser did not offer any information on this topic, until now.

According to beta testers of the latest Google Chrome Beta for Android, Google is already testing a dark mode in Chrome. Besides, the rollout of night theme on the Android system is in its early stages as you can see in Android 9 Pie when you’re activating the Night Mode with Always On under the Developer Options section.

Google Chrome Beta for Android Tests “Dark Mode”

As for the Google Chrome Beta’s night theme, “so far, the dark mode only manifests in pop-up menus that appear when users press and hold down on web links or images. The panel adopts the same shade of dark gray as Incognito mode, while the text is white” as 9to5Google reported.

Apparently, the dark mode is still under works for Google Chrome for Android, so we’ll have to wait a little longer before seeing it implemented in its final version. In the end, “the full Chrome for Android dark theme will also color the Omnibar, main Overflow menu, settings, history, downloads, and other menus in a similar shade,” 9to5Google presumes.

To see for yourself how the new dark mode works on the latest Google Chrome Beta, you can download the app from Google Play Store. The only conditions are to sign for the Beta program and have a device that runs Android 9 Pie.

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