Samsung Galaxy S8 One UI Release Date – New Update Comes With Improvements

Android Pie has brought a selection of new and interesting features. Many smartphone users are looking forward to the update, including those that own flagships device like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The company is currently working on the Pie update for this device, and more information can be found below.

Samsung S8 Pie update

The flagship device was released on 29 March 2017, arriving with Android 7.0 Nougat. The device is currently running Android 8.0 Oreo, and it is likely that a Pie update it’s on its way. Samsung will usually release two major updates for their flagships, and the Pie one should be second for this device.

One UI

The user interface offered by Samsung has been reinvented in the form of One UI. One UI manages to refresh the looks of the OS and delivers an impressive experience that is worthy of a premium flagship. Here are some features that are offered by the new update:

Increased one-handed usability

One of the major problem posed by modern smartphones comes from the fact that the device is too large to use comfortably with only one hand. Samsung plans to alleviate this issue by offering an improved user interface which is also one-hand friendly.

New Navigation Gesture

The Pie core update added extended support for navigation gestures and Samsung was quick to embrace the trend. Those that will enable to new feature can use gestures to navigate on their device, without the need to push other buttons.

Adaptable Storage

Internal memory space plays a big role when you are looking for a new smartphone. The new feature will convert a MicroSD card into internal memory, allowing users to transfer large files without any issues.

System-wide dark mode

The dark mode has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the addition of a system-wide dark mode is a great improvement for those that enjoy a darker screen and an improved battery life.

It is believed that a stable version of One UI should arrive in the following months.

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