iOS 12.1.4 Update: The FaceTime Bug Is Not Fixed

We finally come with great news! Apple has released a software update that’s meant to fix their issues with the FaceTime app – the one that allowed people to snoop on other users by using their own phones.

If you download the new version of iOS, called iOS 12.1.4, you will be able to fix the problem and then make the group chats secure again. The new version also comes with a message that says that it also comes with security updates and that it’s recommended that all the users should get it. There are no other features mentioned.

Also, Apple got back to their servers that used to power the group FaceTime feature, that was then unplugged, so it would stop people from using the bug. This means that users that have not got the new update will not be able to use this FaceTime feature – not until they get the new update.

The issue is for all the devices that have the group FaceTime, and this also includes Macs and iPads. There’s an update for each of them.

How did they find about the bug?

The bug was discovered by a 14-year-old boy that was from Arizona, and then his mother, called Michele Thompson, reported it to Apple. Apple, of course, thanked the family when they reported the issue, and said that their team started to work on the bug.  Now we have this new update that will fix it all.

The company apologized to their customers for the bug and then thanked them for their patience. They also conducted a security audit for the FaceTime service and they also made additional updates for the app and for the server in order to improve security.

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